The Forge, Camden

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In the final concert of its 2016 season, rarescale presents new chamber works for flutes (including low flutes and baroque flute) with piano, guitar and electronics. New works by Steve Kilpatrick, Jonathan Pitkin and Yfat Soul Zisso receive their first performances, and pianist extraordinaire Xenia Pestova presents solo works by Ailis ni Riain and Ed Bennett. This programme promises a broad range of repertoire, from the simple elegance of Crane’s Erki Nool to the extended techniques of Miller’s The Frost Performs its Secret Ministry.

Carla Rees - Flutes
David Black - Guitar
Xenia Pestova - Piano
Michael Oliva & Scott Miller - Electronics

Steve Kilpatrick - Falling Out of Cars (premiere)
Tom Armstrong - To The Measures Fall (version for baroque flute and guitar) (premiere)
Jonathan Pitkin - Multipolyphonies (premiere)
Scott Miller - The Frost Performs its Secret Ministry (UK premiere)
Scott Miller - Anterior/Interior
Ailis Ni Riain - Into the Sea of Waking Dreams
Ed Bennett - Bright White Lights
Laurence Crane - Erki Nool
Yfat Soul Zisso - Hidden Elegy (premiere)
Daniela Fantechi - Joc in Jiyu Gakuen (London premiere)

The Forge, Camden, London, 7.30pm